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IVAO is the International Virtual Aviation Organisation. In fact it is a Global Network dedicated to controlled Air simulation, with only peacefull intentions.

To get there as a Pilot, all you need is a recent version of Flight Simulator, (or even P3D or X-Plane), and the desire to share and spend time with other Pilots around the world. Everything done from home or when going to special real events made and scheduled by IVAO national divisions.

You will meet also Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) and indeed become one of them if you whish to start an ATC carreer. And thanks to the trainings you will be given by the divisions. Every Flights or Controls are done "as real as it gets," the more realistic as possible, following all locals aerial rules, charts, and phraseology, but also rules of IVAO Network.You will also find in our division most of the required documents for these trainings.

All softwares to connect your prefered simulator are explained, they are needed to see other Pilots and ATCs over Network. That will allow you to speak and listen to every connected people, (headset is strongly advised), as well you can use Air Traffic Control softwares that have been selected and / or created by IVAO. Most of them are free, as the subscription and participation on IVAO. So it's mostly a story of passion and motivation to practice simulated air with other people of all countries, cultures and languages.

The French Polynesian division, true to the spirit of its founders, is a welcoming area, best for training on IVAO Network, and also a very realistic place to confirm your procedures and use of Charts with confirmed ATC. Keeping in mind that Fun is always present. Our aim is to promote a simulated air space quality, in real time and using real weather conditions, while retaining the concept of leisure and pleasure
Here, forget the turbulent jets and "heavy" loaded liners, and get you impressed by the gentle Tahitian, and the beauty of oustanding landscapes and sceneries. Come and try flying during evenings controlled flights or even trying the Polynesian Tours, along with real People you could even meet during real IVAO's events each year.

Go and fly now! Controllers have opened Runway 04 in Tahiti (NTAA) and Bora (NTTB) who both claims the merits of their shallow warm water showing 29 of celcius degrees in a paradise corner… The only one missing is you !

The French Polynesian's division .

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